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Peterloo02 Nov 2018Feature film. The story of the 1819 Peterloo Massacre where British forces attacked a peaceful pro-democracy rally in Manchester. Starring Maxine Peake, Rory Kinnear, David Bamber, Nico Mirallegro, Leo Bill, Alastair Mackenzie, Patrick Kennedy. IMDB
Outlaw King23 Nov 2018Feature film. A true David v Goliath story of how the great 14th Century Scottish 'Outlaw King' Robert The Bruce used cunning and bravery to defeat and repel the much larger and better equipped occupying English army. Starring Chris Pine, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Stephen Dillane. IMDB
Wuthering Heights30 Nov 2018Feature film. An adaptation by Elisaveta Abrahall with Paul Eryk Atlas as Heathcliff and Sha'ori Morris as Catherine. IMDB
Rémi sans famille12 Dec 2018Feature film. Hector Malot adaptation. The story revolves around a young boy named Rémi, who at age 8 finds out he is actually adopted. Shortly after, he is sold to a travelling musician named Vitalis by his grumpy step dad, which is the start of a long series of adventures. Along the way, Rémi makes new friends, but also loses several people close to him, and slowly learns more about his past. IMDB
Mary Poppins Returns25 Dec 2018Feature film. Musical from Rob Marshall. In Depression-era London, a now-grown Jane and Michael Banks, along with Michael's three children, are visited by the enigmatic Mary Poppins following a personal loss. Through her unique magical skills, and with the aid of her friend Jack, she helps the family rediscover the joy and wonder missing in their lives. Emily Blunt as Mary, also starring Meryl Streep, Colin Firth, Ben Whishaw, Dick Van Dyke, Emily Mortimer, Julie Walters, Angela Lansbury, Lin-Manuel Miranda. IMDB
The Aspern Papers2018Feature film. Based on Henry James' novella. Set in Venice in 1885, Morton Vint (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), an ambiguous young writer fascinated by iconic romantic poet Jeffrey Aspern, strives to get his hands on the letters Aspern wrote to his beautiful mistress, Juliana Bordereau (Vanessa Redgrave). Now, decades later, Juliana lives in a Venetian palazzo with her niece (Joely Richardson), whom she dominates and Morton will come to seduce. But do these letters really exist and what scandalous information about Juliana and Aspern will they bring to the surface? IMDB
Mary Anning & the Dinosaur Hunters2018Feature film. The film reveals the life, plight and loves of the eminent Mary Anning, an 1800's fossil hunter - navigating her career and research in a male dominated society at a time when women's research was largely unrecognised or plagiarised by men. Predominantly unknown despite her spectacular finds, including Icthyiousauri, a Pterodactyl and Plesiosaurus, and notwithstanding the fact that Darwins' 'Origin of Species' was largely influenced by her work. She is at last becoming the most celebrated paleontologist of all time. IMDB
New Amsterdam2018Feature film. A historical adventure about New York City when it was a Dutch settlement called New Amsterdam, discovered by Henry Hudson and run by the infamous Peter Stuyvesant. Starring Famke Janssen, Timothy Spall, Samantha Barks, Q'Orianka Kilcher, Conleth Hill, Graham Greene, John Bradley, François Arnaud. IMDB
Vita and Virginia2018Feature film. It's the fascinating true story about the love affair between socialite and popular author Vita Sackville-West and literary icon Virginia Woolf. IMDB
In Like Flynn2018Feature film. The biopic depicts Errol Flynn's roust-about early life in Australia, before he became an internationally famed celebrity. In those days he was an adventurer, opium smuggler, gambler, street fighter, womanizer, and gold prospector. IMDB
Ashes in the Snow11 Jan 2019Feature film. World War II drama based on the best-seller Between Shades of Gray by Lithuanian-American writer of historical fiction Ruta Sepetys. The coming-of-age tale of 16-year-old Lina Vilkas (Bel Powley) who is deported to Siberia amid Stalin's reign of terror in the Baltic region during World War II. An aspiring artist, she secretly documents her harrowing journey with her drawings. IMDB
Mary Queen of Scots18 Jan 2019Feature film. Mary Stuart's attempt to overthrow her cousin Elizabeth I, Queen of England, finds her condemned to years of imprisonment before facing execution. Starring Saoirse Ronan, Margot Robbie, Jack Lowden, Brendan Coyle, Martin Compston. IMDB
The Aftermath01 Mar 2019Feature film. "The Aftermath" is set in postwar Germany in 1946. Rachael Morgan (Keira Knightley) arrives in the ruins of Hamburg in the bitter winter, to be reunited with her husband Lewis (Jason Clarke), a British colonel charged with rebuilding the shattered city. But as they set off for their new home, Rachael is stunned to discover that Lewis has made an unexpected decision: they will be sharing the grand house with its previous owners, a German widower (Alexander Skarsgård) and his troubled daughter. In this charged atmosphere, enmity and grief give way to passion and betrayal. IMDB
The Red Man's View2021Feature film. The bold and definitive film about the tragic history of Native Americans at the end of an era, when the American nation struggles with a changing radical government that during its 'Civil' war, professes freedom for all, but incites destruction and the eradication of an entire people and its culture. About a Shoshone band who lived in a secluded valley that are discovered by a group of Union soldiers and squatters and forced to move from their home. They are moved from valley to valley as the Union takes more and more of their land in a plan to eradicate the country of 'Savages' exterminating all Native Americans. IMDB
To Sir With Loveunknown

TV film. BBC One has commissioned a 90-minute film based on Guyanese author E.R. Braithwaite’s 1959 novel, which was adapted for the screen in 1967 and starred Sidney Poitier, in a post-war London tale of social and racial strife in an inner-city school.

Untitled Downton Abbey ProjectunknownFeature film. The film has been confirmed and there is a script. Stately home Highclere Castle has been booked to record the Downton Abbey movie. But they have not yet been able to sign up all of the cast and Dame Maggie Smith has said that she does not want to return. IMDB
EmperorunknownFeature film. Action epic about a young girl who seeks revenge on the holy roman Emperor Charles V for the death of her father. It happens in a world of wealth, debauchery, violent retaliations, sex, manipulation and treason... it's the 16th century revisited. Starring Adrien Brody, Sophie Cookson, Paz Vega, Thomas Kretschmann, Eddie Marsan. IMDB
Miss Fisher and the Crypt of TearsunknownFeature film. Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears is set to take place in the 1920s, and will follow the events of season three. A Kickstarter campaign for a movie has raised more than $643,000. Phryne Fisher will take off on “a global adventure — via romantic wayside stops in the Far East, glamorous sojourns in the mansions of London, and a battle to survive the rolling sands of the Arabian Desert,” the Kickstarter says. According to Inside Film, the movie will likely be filmed in Australia, London and either Morocco or Israel in May/June 2018.
The Personal History of Rachel DuPreeunknownFeature film. A heavily pregnant woman on an isolated, drought-stricken ranch in 1900s is not certain if she can trust her husband to put her and their starving children before his own ambitions and is forced to take survival into her own hands. IMDB
Flying HorseunknownFeature film. A biopic of pioneer photographer Eadweard Muybridge, following the courtship and love affair between Muybridge's wife, Flora, and Harry Larkyns. Gary Oldman is attached. IMDB
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